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Occupational Health & Safety
We are committed in providing a safe work environment for our workers and the people we contract to. All personnel working for Menai Civil Contractors Pty Ltd undergo intensive induction training in all aspects of OH&S with ongoing safe work programmes. All our operators also hold current certificates for the safe operation of plant and equipment.

We have attained accreditation in the Civil Contractors Federation Integrated Management System. The system covers the more pertinent elements of quality assurance (ISO 9001), health & safety issues (AS 4801) and environmental requirements (ISO 14001).
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As part of our OH&S compliance, we do an initial risks assessment of the project site prior to the commencement of work to be done. Our initial assessment is also incorporated as part of our quotation process to ensure minimal variances to the work provided by our company.

During the course of the project, our team monitors the safety requirements of the work, and progressively update risk assessments and Safe Work Method Statements to maintain a safe work environment.

Environmental Issues
We are certified to an Environmental Management System which has been assessed against the provisions of health & safety issues (AS4801) and environmental requirements (ISO 14001). This Environmental Management System is monitored closely and audited by third party consultants. Click here to view accreditation

It is our policy to give environmental issues the highest priority. As a minimum standard the Company will undertake works strictly in accordance with the provision of all current legislation. This ensures as far as reasonably practical, that adequate protection of the environment is provided against unnecessary exposure to potential hazards and risks.
The Company will minimise the use of resources, shall prevent pollution that otherwise may arise during operations and shall minimise waste and environmental damage arising as a result of activities undertaken.
We liaise with the statutory authorities, environmental bodies and neighbouring properties in the vicinity of active sites.

Quality Management
Our management system is geared towards those elements of ISO 9001 specific to civil construction, and we ensure that it is fine tuned to the needs of each project. Quality is important in all aspects of our work, and we have the policies and procedures in place to ensure that all of our employees, subcontractors and suppliers understand it’s importance.
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Quality Policy
Menai Civil Contractors Pty Ltd and its Top Managers are committed to compliance with requirements and achieving the highest performance in quality assurance.

It is the commitment and policy of Menai Civil Contractors Pty Ltd to consistently provide all products and services in accordance with the customer’s specified requirements and applicable regulatory requirements.

The Company recognises that in order to maintain customer satisfaction, it must achieve all that has been specified and completely fulfil its obligations before seeking customer approval and acceptance.
This will be undertaken through contract review to confirm the customer’s needs and expectations, planning and controlling the managerial and technical aspects of the work, and verifying that the outcomes of the planning and control activities have been successful.

Menai Civil Contractors Pty Ltd also aims to achieve the continual improvement of productivity, efficiency and quality by:

  • Implementing and maintaining an effective quality assurance management system that complies with ISO 9001
  • Ensuring that all relevant staff are suitably trained in its implementation requirements
  • Implementing continual system improvement through the monitoring of cost control, customer satisfaction and nonconformance to requirements.
  • Identifying areas for improvement in our operations and implementing effectively resolutions and development strategies in a timely manner.

All Menai employees are responsible for assuring the quality of their efforts and are required to comply with Menai Civil Contractors Pty Ltd’s Quality Assurance Management System and Policy as outlined in the Management System Manual.

All employees shall be made aware of these requirements by their supervisors.

Lee Fahey
Managing Director