McCauleys Beach Subdivision

Client: Stockland Developments

Project Value: $24 million

Project Superintendant: Cardno Wollongong

Project Type: Residential Subdivision

Project Started: September 2010

Project Completed: July 2012

Project Manager: Greg Adams

Project Referee: Mr Michael Braithwaite

(Former) Senior Development Manager

Stockland Developments



The 21 hectare project site is located on the south coast between the suburbs of Thirroul and Bulli.  Being previously a brick foundry and clay/shale quarry, Stockland Developments purchased the site for the purpose of developing it into a residential subdivision comprising approximately 200 lots.  


The scope of work for this project included the following.


  •  560,000m3 of bulk earthworks.
  • Remediation of 260,000m3 of uncontrolled fill to a depth of up to 8m.
  • Re-alignment and restoration of two live creeks.
  • Asbestos remediation.
  • Acid soil remediation.
  • Design and construction of two bridges.
  • Design and construction of retaining/acoustic walls.
  • Stormwater pit and pipe installation works.
  • Flexible pavement works including sub-base, base course, spray seal and asphalt.
  • Services reticulation including electrical, lighting, gas, communications, sewer, recycled and potable water.
  • Landscaping and creek regeneration.


Notable outcomes of this project were as follows.

  • Developed an integrated retaining/acoustic wall solution along the existing rail corridor resulting in cost and space savings.
  • Acoustic walls constructed with no disruption to RailCorp assets or services.
  • An asbestos remediation strategy was developed that reduced offsite disposal costs by over $15 million.
  • Maintained a high level of environmental compliance during creek works through the construction of diversions and armour rock levies.
  • Successfully managed sensitive Aboriginal heritage issues through  regular consultation with the community.