Vermont- Pitt Town

Client: Johnson Property Group

Project Value: $16.8 million (to date)

Project Superintendant: Johnson Property Group

Project Type: Residential Subdivision

Project Started: July 2011

Project Completed: Current

Project Manager: Garth Harris

Project Referee: Mr Ed Wortman

Senior Development Manager

Johnson Property Group



Vermont is situated along the southern side of the Hawkesbury River at Pitt Town. Comprising three different precincts (Riverland, Bona Vista and Fernville), residential lots ranging from 550m2 through to 2,000+m2 have been developed and released to the public. Menai Civil have been continuously involved since 2011 with the construction of 15 stages.


The scope of work to date for this project included the following.

  • 275,000m3 of bulk earthworks to date.
  • 8.5km of stormwater pit and pipe installation works with pipe sizes up to 1,800mm diameter.
  • 57,000m2 of flexible pavement works including sub-base, base course, spray seal and asphalt.
  • Major sediment basin and wetland works.
  • 5km of asbestos pipe removal.
  • Services reticulation including electrical, lighting, gas, communications, sewer, recycled and potable water.


Notable outcomes of this project were as follows.

  •  Due to the successful delivery of some early stages of work, Johnson Property Group chose to award subsequent stages to Menai Civil.