Brooks Reach Stages 7 to 11

Client: Stockland Developments

Project Value: $8.5 million

Project Superintendant: Cardno Wollongong

Project Type: Residential Subdivision

Project Started: November 2012

Project Completed: September 2013 

Project Manager: Greg Adams

Project Referee: Mr Humphrey Whitaker

(Former) Development Manager

Stockland Developments



Menai Civil was engaged by Cardno acting on behalf of Stockland Developments to complete stages 7, 8 and 9 of Brooks Reach subdivision at West Dapto. Stages 10 and 11 were awarded to MCC as subsequent stages in early 2013. In total, the five stages comprised 133 residential lots.


The scope of work for this project included the following.

  • 30,000m3 of bulk earthworks.
  • 1,700m of stormwater pit and pipe installation works.
  • 9,700m2 of flexible pavement works including sub-base, base course and asphalt.
  • 6,000m2 of lime stabilising pavement subgrades.
  • Three bio-retention basins.
  • Services reticulation including electrical, lighting, gas, communications, sewer and water.
  • Kerb and gutters, footpaths and pedestrian ramps.
  • Concrete parking bays.


Notable outcomes of this project were as follows.

  • The use of lime stabilising to raise the CBR of  pavement subgrades resulted in cost savings without requiring the removal and replacement of material.
  • The project was completed to program and to a high standard of quality resulting in a congratulatory letter from Wollongong Council stating “the first time in 12 years that a final inspection was completed with no defects or outstanding works, and overall a very pleasing project”.