Flynn Ave, Middleton Grange

Client: UrbanGrowth NSW

Project Value: $3.8 million

Project Superintendant: SMEC

Project Type: Residential Subdivision

Project Started: April 2014

Project Completed: August 2014

Project Manager: Greg Adams

Project Referee: Mr Ron Bijen

Development Manager

UrbanGrowth NSW



Flynn Ave, Middleton Grange was a subdivision project undertaken by UrbanGrowth NSW as part of the state government’s strategy to meet land release targets in western Sydney. Comprising 36 residential lots, this development was situated adjacent to existing properties in an occupied community.


The scope of work for this project included the following.

  • Site clearing, topsoil stripping and replacement.
  • 10,000m3 of bulk earthworks including rock excavation and the importation of VENM as fill.
  • Services reticulation including electrical, lighting, gas, communications, sewer, recycled and potable water.
  • 650m2 of piered blockwork retaining walls.
  • 740m of stormwater pit, pipe and box culvert installation works.
  • Trunk drainage rip-rap channel construction.
  • Half and full road construction requiring tie-ins into existing pavements.
  • 4,500m2 of flexible pavement works including sub-base, base course, spray seal and asphalt.
  • Kerb and gutters, footpaths and pedestrian ramps.
  • Landscaping works including fencing, turfing and street trees.