DNSDC Holsworthy

Client: John Holland

Project Value: $18 million

Project Superintendant: John Holland

Project Type: Demolition, Remediation and Detailed Earthworks

Project Started: January 2013

Project Completed: June 2014

Project Manager: Lee Fahey

Project Referee: Mr Paul Cassel

Project Director

John Holland



John Holland as the managing contractor engaged Menai Civil to carry out the demolition, remediation, and detailed earthworks for construction of a new logistics facility at Holsworthy.


The scope of work for this project included the following.

  • Demolition of all structures across the site.
  • Remediation of 30,000 tonnes of asbestos soils.
  • Detailed earthworks including building pad preparation.


Notable outcomes of this project were as follows:

  • Program targets and milestones were achieved all throughout the project.
  • No recordable safety or environmental incidents occurred throughout the project.